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Law of Attraction for Beginners Step-by-Step

Law Of Attraction For Beginners Step-by-Step

You came across the Law of Attraction and you’re looking for some guidance and a step-by-step introduction into the subject that is suited for a beginner?

Then you’ve attracted the right article into your life. This guide covers the Law of Attraction for beginners and shows you the steps necessary to manifet what you want. Let’s dive in!

Law of Attraction for a Beginner Overview

The Law of Attraction is a mental shortcut that helps you approach goals and desires more correctly than just focusing on what is going on in the physical world or right in front of your eyes. It puts your conscious focus on the mental world and your thoughts instead of physical objects and immediate events.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. According to the Law of Attraction the quality of our thoughts attracts the quality of our results. If you have thoughts that put you in an angry or frustrated state and you do not change them, you will attract more of those thoughts in the future.

As said before, our results flow from our thoughts. If we are angry we attract a certain quality of results. Acting out of an angry state will often lead to suboptimal decisions. Not necessarily always, but in most circumstances anger (and frustration for sure) won’t be the most adaptive way to respond to an event.

The thoughts and neural pathways we use most often will get stronger. That’s how habits are built. Habits are neural pathways that get traveled often and eventually through enough repetition automatically. Our brain is plastic and through repetition, we grow stronger and stronger connections between neurons and more associations can get attached to these connections and trigger them.

So obviously there are thoughts, ideas and associations out there that are more useful. And some are detrimental and damaging to our lives. We want to understand which thoughts and ideas attract the results we do desire into our life. And we want to reveal and dissolve bad ideas and thoughts that cause unhappiness for ourselves and others.

How do you use the Law of Attraction – A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting clarity about the mental world being primary and our happiness and well being flowing from the quality of our thinking is a very valuable realization when you are starting to work with the Law of Attraction. However, how do we now go about implementing our new-found knowledge?

Step 1 – Let go

The Law of Attraction always works. We do not need to turn it on. That’s why it is called a law. It is always there and it is one of the reasons to look for when we want to understand why we get certain results and where to focus to make changes. It helps us better understand cause and effect.

So instead of making the Law of Attraction work, we want to begin with aligning properly with it. How do we do that?

Step 2 – Put your conscious focus on your thinking

Step 2 is to change the way you respond to the world.

You have a free will and you can choose where to put your conscious focus on. If you want to change a result in your life, the place to look consciously is your thinking and your mental processes. The rest will then be taken care of for you.

Step 3 – Find contradictions and mental failure conditions

The root cause for the experience of bad and unhappiness always is a contradiction in our thinking. We need to find that contradiction and consciously look at it. When we clearly see the contradiction it will dissolve. This will have a positive ripple effect on our thoughts and therefore our actions and results and ultimately on the whole world.

Every time you experience an emotion that makes you feel bad, like anger, frustration, boredom or fear, your mind concludes that you are stuck. That conclusion is an illusion and a contradiction, always. You are never stuck in reality if you focus on your thinking.

Contradictions in our thinking attract bad into our lives and the lives of the people around us. They are a magnet for negative and unhelpful results. When we find them, we can dissolve them. When we do so, we got rid of a bad magnet.

Step 4 – Find helpful thoughts and ideas

In step 4 we want to build and accumulate helpful ideas and mental building blocks that lead to more happiness and good in our lives. Ideas that do not have contradictions are good.

Our overall goal in life is to have the best quality of experience throughout our whole existence. The question in step 4 is, what can I build or do that leads to more happiness for me and for others?

With build, I do not necessarily mean only build a physical object. Sometimes we can build a mental object like an idea, or a relationship with someone that brings us more goodness. Or we create a book or a song that then leads to more happiness.

Step 5 – Trust the process and be patient

It’s important for Law of Attraction beginners to not be in a rush. When we are in a rush we do not take the right amount of time crucial to really focus in and make the necessary mental changes.

What are you telling the universe when you are in a rush? You basically say that you might fail because you run out of time. Rushing is a magnet that attracts failure. It probably attracts sloppy results. And maybe things will completely fall apart later if we rush too much since we might not have realized to take the time to build a solid foundation.

What about patience? You basically tell the universe that you are confident that you have enough time. That you are convinced that things will turn out great in the end. Patience does not mean doing nothing. Patience means doing the necessary things correctly. You can be effective and efficient when being patient. But overly shortcutting the process of manifesting the results in your life won’t work. Doing things right is the shortcut.

If you want to have a child you can either adopt one or you need to wait probably at least 9 months. And only 9 months if you follow the process correctly.

Law of Attraction Exercises

Working with a notebook

Every time you feel bad, take a notebook and write down why your mind is making you feel that way. And then look into the reasons your brain gives you. Find how you won’t be stuck in the future despite the thing your mind says will ruin everything forever.

If it doesn’t ruin everything forever and if you theoretically will be able to have a happy life after the thing your brain told you you should feel bad about, why would you need to feel stuck or terrible about it?

You will get better and better at finding the contradiction and dissolving it the more often you do it. Sometimes and especially as starters we might not find the contradiction right away. But remember Step 5. Patience is very important and if you keep looking to find and dissolve it you’ve build a powerful magnet that will attract it into your life.

Visualizing events right after you’ve manifested your desire

Visualization has a powerful effect on our mind. We can communicate with our mind by visualizing certain scenarios. Here is one powerful visualization exercise, very well suited for Law of Attraction beginners, that will create strong mental attractors to manifest your desires.

Do not directly focus on your goal or desire. But focus on what you will do right after you’ve manifested it and flesh out the scenario.

Let’s say you’re dreaming of having a romantic relationship with someone you are really crazy about. You could imagine how you would introduce him or her to your friends. Really get into the situation. Maybe you’re picturing an evening where you’ve invited some of your friends and you’re cooking together in the kitchen and your partner is there for the first time.

Imagine how happy and safe you feel with them and your friends being impressed and starting to like him or her also.

Or let’s say you’ve dreamed of being financially free. Envision a scenario right after you’ve achieved what you wanted. Maybe you envision standing in front of an ATM and withdrawing cash and then you’re going to the mall and finally being able to buy what you wanted for so long.

Or you imagine how you call your spouse and telling them that you’ve finally done it and you flesh out the conversation a little bit. They might share your positive emotions in the scenario and celebrating with you and maybe saying something like yeah finally we can afford to live the life we wanted for so long without money being in the way.

You can build out the scenarios however you want them to be. There’s no right or wrong. Whatever juices you is the right thing to do. You want to have that internal feeling of: “Yeah, that would be so nice!” You really want to have that rush of desire and happiness, then you are spot on and you’ve really made it clear to your mind what it is you want. Then you’ve built a powerful mental magnet, that will attract thoughts, actions, and circumstances into your life which will help you manifest your desires.

Peter Turner

I've first come across the Law of Attraction in 2013 when I started to focus intensley on topics like personal developement, psychology, how goals and our mind work and who we as conscious beings are.

I've found that the correct application of the Law of Attraction plays a central role in the results that I get which makes it an important topic to focus on. That's why I wanted to create this website and share what I've learned over the years.

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